Java Swing Mini Project for Encryption and Decryption | Java GUI mini project | Java Project Swing | Encryption and Decryption Project Java

Java GUI based Text Encryption/Decryption Tool.

This is simple java mini project named "CryAniTool". This is used for encrypting and decrypting the user messages through many popular encryption and decryption techniques. This project uses plain text as well as file contents to encrypt and decrypt the user messages and give the result in a second.

This project is created using Java Swing Graphical User Interface that includes Java Swing classes and other Java classes. The main .bat file is used to run the project while other are code and class files.

Important Encryption/Decryption techniques used in Project:
  1. Caesar Cipher Technique.
  2. Railfence Technique.
  3. Vernam Cipher Technique.
  4. Columnar Cipher Technique.
  5. MD5 hashing.

This project contains many code and class files as following:
  • CryAniTool.bat
  • + About.class
  • + CaesarCipher.class
  • + Columnar.class
  • + Railfence.class
  • + Mono.class
  • + OTP.class
  • + MD5.class
  • + Specs.class
  • + Help.class
  • ReadMe.txt
  • cmd.exe
  • Snap1.png
  • Snap2.png


  • Easy to use.
  • Smooth GUI.
  • Simple Structure.
  • Anyone can Interact with it.
  • Can Run on any Java Installed System.

free to download and use. no any payment is required to download 


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